This website has been created by Alex Knapp as part of a project allowing a repository of projects from education and extra-curricular activities to be displayed and presented to potential employers.

Inspiration for the website:

A large part of inspiration for building this website was to show potential employers what I'm capable of: coding etiquette; problem breakdowns; explanations, ability to research, adaptability, teamwork and other things - this is something I believe employers are eager to learn about as teamwork is largely dependent on clear communication and understanding between members and code.

As such I have provided a "My Projects" page showing my code throughout my years at university and my reasoning for what I've done.

Motivation for this project stems from:

This project is something I've always wanted to do and I expect only 3 limitations: the hosting server, general knowledge - I can't exactly solve the P=NP problem on a website! The third issue is time, this project is all done in my spare time.

My reason for using HTML is that websites are constantly expanding, new options new methods and constant updates to browsers means that it's an adapting field and something that I may have in mind for the website may be doable at some point but not immediately, as such the online community surrounding HTML, CSS, PHP, JS etc. allows for many ideas to be brought to life through adaptation of online help and my own ideas and capabilities.

Coding Style:

My primary focus