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The task at hand:

The brief for our project was to create a treasure hunt style map aimed to allow students to navigate around the University of Exeter campus, little more information was given but with the help of my team we were able to brainstorm a strong idea and follow it.

We had to create a way for new users to register and play as well as create a way for established members to create new accounts so that they can add new routes to the game.


The method we were given to use is known as a Kanban method. We used an adaptive agile design method that combined the kanban board and sprints together (scrum method) which allowed us to create boards showing us what had to be done as well as giving us realistic oppurtunities to return the updated program at the end of each sprint followed by sprint reviews with the Product Owner. picture2
The above is our actual Kanban board for our final sprint. Some ideas were made that we ultimately decided were not integral enough to the final product for it to work.




One of the most important things to us was adaptability. We found it essential that we create a game that allows the user to see the webpage and immediately be able to navigate it. As a result, we created a generic interface that follows an unspoken de facto of web games

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